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 Registered in England: No. 28936R as a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

Community Empowerment Limited. Registered Office & mail: 90, Locksway Road PO4 8JP. Support Centres in Portsmouth, Southampton & London.

Empowering communities through


(people working together to meet their common needs).

Community Empowerment Ltd are specialists in community economic development


The reduction of poverty through mutual-self-help.

We provide a range of social enterprise and employability services helping communities to become stronger and more resilient.

The Resilience Project will support community economic/social development.

For example:

Social enterprises

Community enterprises:

Pubs, Cafes, Gardens,

Transport, Environmental.


The Community Empowerment Cooperative Consortium.

The consortium consists of a number of service providers that collectively provide support to community activists, community groups, charities, community enterprises, small and social enterprises including private enterprises that can demonstrate their community value.

To find out more please use the Enquiry Form (below).  


We offer subsidised or fixed rate support package for co-operatives,social enterprises, charities and voluntary organisations.

We can provide free tools to help you to decide the appropriate structure for your enterprise as well as templates for Concept Papers and Business Plans.

Solent Social Enterprise Zone…

Portsmouth Hub operated by Community Empowerment Ltd


Southampton Hub operated by Social Enterprise Link (Wessex)


For Resilience Projects, community groups, charities, social enterprises.


For use by new or existing Co-operatives and other organisations considering conversion to a Co-operative.

The Hive is a new business support programme designed for people wanting to start or grow a co-operatively run organisation.

To find out more visit:

THE HIVE mini-forum

To request our help with your application to “The Hive” please use the CO-OP ENQUIRY form - on this page

For all other enquiries.

The Community Empowerment Cooperative Consortium offers support for community economic development throughout the south of England (including London).

Our Registered Office is at 90, Locksway Road, Southsea PO4 8JP

Our Admin team are based at Southampton.

We are currently developing plans for a social enterprise hub for the Portsmouth area.

We use meeting and training rooms throughout the south of England.

To contact us - Please use the appropriate enquiry form.