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Social Enterprises.

Reinvesting profits into supporting communities.

Community Wealth.

Investing in Community enterprises to  enhance community wealth.






Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day,

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Working with Social Enterprises

Often it is just a small group of people or even a single social entrepreneur that has the foresight and confidence to create new community enterprises to tackle community needs. 

A significant difference between social entrepreneurs and more traditional ones is that the social entrepreneur is not merely driven by profit.  Of course all enterprises do have to make a profit in order to ​survive but in a social enterprise that profit is either reinvested into growing the enterprise and its services or it is used for supporting the community interests.  

Most Social Enterprises within the UK are registered using the Community Interest Company (CIC) format and have to clearly state (and continue to abide by) their community purpose.

It IS also possible for a CIC to use a special set of documents that make it a Co-operative CIC. 

For more on Co-operatives visit our working with Co-operatives page.

NB. We work very closely with Social Enterprise Link (Wessex) CIC which is the infrastructure organisation representing & supporting Social Enterprises throughout the Wessex area of mid-southern England. 

For more information about SEL and their membership application form please use our menu links.

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