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Join Community Empowerment Ltd

Community Empowerment Ltd 

is a charitable Community Benefit Society. 

Membership is just £1 per month.

Join us today and support our work.

ACCESS the Membership Application Form


We are a charitable society for the benefit of the community and membership is open to supporters and users of our services.

Do you share our aims for community empowerment?

Do you support our co-operative values and principles?

All Members have equal voting rights (one member - one vote).

Membership costs £1 for a single share plus £1 per month supporters’ subscription.

The £1 per month subscription helps with our basic operation and enables us to apply for grant funding as a democratic charity.

Membership Subscription

Faster Subscription - To pay your subscription (£1 per month) use the button below.

Setup a £1 standing order via PayPal.

(Note you can also cancel via PayPal).


We are a charitable society. 

Most of our support is delivered free.

We do have necessary operational costs and these costs are met from the fees that our members pay - but we keep these to a basic £1 per month.

The cost of delivering our free support services depends upon your grants and donations.

Please make a donation