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Get on the road to community success.

The journey from dependency to empowerment.

Helping communities to become resilient.

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Community Empowerment Ltd 

- a community benefit society. 

* Some of the information included on this site is shared from the publication "Community Power" That document can be downloaded from :


Community Empowerment Ltd is a charitable society for the benefit of the community operating throughout mid-southern England. 

We also provide online support throughout the UK.

We specialise in community economic development using mutual-self-help where communities work together to meet their common needs.

Because power and inequality and outcomes are inextricably linked. Powerful communities means thriving high streets. It means a fairer economy with better jobs and profits reinvested in the things we care about instead of squirrelled away at the top. It means responsive services, accountable policies and institutions, investment in the things that matter to us.


Please note that COVID-19 Restrictions are being adhered to but that we continue to offer on-line support using MS Teams for shared documents and face-to-face online meetings.


Here are a few examples...

Social Enterprise not Grant Dependency

Community, Co-operative and Social Enterprises are not voluntary organisations.

They trade for community benefit rather than rely upon grants.

Their support needs include choosing the most appropriate governance model (one size does NOT fit all) and support with their business planning together with an understanding of regulatory and legislation differences from other enterprise types.

Experience & Expertise

Community Empowerment Ltd was established in 1999 as a Co-operative Development Agency.

Today it works with Co-operatives and Social Enterprises to assist community economic development. 

We are a lead organisation in the Solent Social Enterpise Zone.

Proven Results

We have assisted over a hundred community enterprises including community owned pubs, cafes, wholefood shops, education, theatre & entertainment groups, as well as helped local authorities to engage with and enable community economic development.


The reduction of poverty through mutual-self-help.

We provide a range of social enterprise and employability services helping communities to become stronger and more resilient.

Please see our Resilience page for more information. 

Supporting communities through mutual-self-help. People co-operating and working together to meet their shared needs.