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 Registered in England: No. 28936R as a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

Community Empowerment Limited. Registered Office: 90, Locksway Road PO4 8JP. Training Centre: Dukes Keep, Marsh Lane, Southampton SO14 3EX

The Community Empowerment Cooperative Consortium offers support to anyone wanting to start their own community or social enterprises and create employment in the UK.

We'll help you start a sustainable and successful enterprise developed with the appropriate structure and governance arrangements.

The People’s Forum


If you are a co-operator or a community activist involved in charities, community groups or social enterprises then EMPOWERus.coop "The People's Forum" is your social media platform.

You can use it to broadcast discussions or blogs and you can create your own group zones or group forums .

The intention is that EMPOWERus.coop is more targeted and less bloated than more generic social media but if you wish discussions added on this platform can be automatically copied to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.

Co-operative Education Solutions provide courses tailored to your business needs including Business Administration & IT. Please visit the CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION SOLUTIONS website for more information.

Supporting social enterprises.

There is a wide range of support available to social enterprises, delivered either by Community Empowerment Ltd (the charity) or by other member organisations within the consortium.

To request support please use the enquiry form(s).

•The "Incubation Support" form is used both for both new enterprises and also existing ones that are seeking support with organisational restructuring or governance matters.

The form will ask about your current structure (if any) and the type of structure that you are seeking to create.

This form is also suitable for charities that are seeking to create new trading enterprises to earn income.

•The "Back Office Support" form is used to enquire about our other support services.

Support may be available to social enterprises, charities and community organisations.

This support is designed to offer low-cost services so that you can concentrate upon your core activities.

The range of support includes Payroll & HMRC support, websites & forums, E-marketing, Client & Contact Management.

Please use both enquiry forms if necessary.

By submitting an enquiry you do not enter into any obligation but you do give us the opportunity to analyse your form(s) in order to see whether we might be able to help.

If we think that we could help, we will email details to you.

In some cases, we may email you a "Concept" paper or a template "Business Plan" to help us in our decision as to whether we can help.

The Community Empowerment Co-operative Consortium Services

 Community Empowerment Ltd operate the “Portsmouth Hub” of the Solent Social Enterprise Zone

(The Southampton Hub is operated by Social Enterprise Link CIC).

The Zone brings together a wide range of social enterprises in order to develop awareness of the sector and to enable joint working including consortia bidding for grants and contracts. If you are a social enterprise in the PO postcode area that would like to join our network then email portsmouth@sse.zone

For the SO postcode area email southampton@sse.zone