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Local Authorities

Community Empowerment is high on the current policy agenda Department for Communities and Local Government is leading the drive to "enable more people to play an active role in the decisions that affect their communities".

To discuss the benefits of Contractual Grant Aid for supporting community co-operatives in your area please use the enquiry form.

Public Service Mutuals

The Cabinet Office defines a public service mutual as an organisation which has spun out of the public sector, continues to deliver public services (under contract) and has a high degree of employee control. They are encouraging and supporting the establishment of public service mutuals:

Public service mutuals play a vital role in reforming public services by empowering employees to redesign services around the needs of their users and communities, driving innovation and increasing productivity.

About £1 billion of community healthcare services are delivered by public service mutuals. The number and the range of services mutuals deliver are both growing rapidly.

Find out more about Public service mutuals or follow us on twitter at @mutualsgovuk for more information.

The Community Right to bid

Keeps valued land and buildings in community use by giving local people the chance to bid to buy them, if and when they come onto the market. Working with the Co-operative Enterprise Hub, The Community Empowerment Group and our partner organisations throughout the UK we can offer free Advice and training to new or established co-operatives.

Where an unincorporated group (or an organisation unable to undertake commercial trade in its own name) plans to operate a new enterprise, we will guide them through their incorporations either as co-operative Community Interest Companies (CIC) or as Industrial & Provident Societies. We will also offer guidance on governance documents and conflict regulation as well as business planning and issues of compliance

Help and support

Enquire now to access free support for communities seeking to take on the operation of local services or assets

Towards co-operative councils: empowering people to change their lives. Edited by Steve Reed MP and Kitty Ussher (PDF)

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