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Rich or poor, young or elderly, irrespective of our differences, one thing that we have in common is that we are all consumers. The need to consume (food, shelter, services) in order to survive is a need that we all share.

Consumers outnumber all other political or interest groups and collectively are the most powerful force for social change world-wide. This power resides in the choices that we make as consumers and applies in markets as diverse as food, entertainment, or energy.

Consumers are no longer prepared to take the closure of a community’s essential amenities lying down. They are joining forces to take local services back into local ownership.

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The Co-op has invited Asda to “come and see how it’s done” as it objects to its rival’s claims of leading the way in “democratic” business.

The Co-op said Asda's new strategy around engaging with consumers is “taking a direct lead from the Co-operative which has been successfully involving shoppers in business for more than 160 years”.

Asda's ex-chief executive Andy Bond said the grocer was Leading the way in responding to the new "democratic consumerism" that has taken hold in the wake of the recession.

The Co-operative Groups chief executive Peter Marks said: “It’s good to see others adopting the kind of approach which has been the hallmark of Co-operation for many generations. However, the fact remains that only the Co-operative is owned by its customer-members. Andy Bond and his team at Asda are welcome to come and see how it’s done.”

The Co-op pointed out that the group is owned by nearly five million members, who “have a democratic say in the way the business is run”.

It said that as a result of their views, the retailer has converted its entire own-brand hot beverage range to Fairtrade and banned the sale of eggs from caged hens in all stores.

Source: Retail Week.

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