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About Us

We bring together individuals and groups wanting to place power into communities. We give people the tools to take control of their future  and that of their communities.

Community empowerment is for people who want to do something for the good of society. We champion mutual self-help ie people supporting each other to achieve shared aims.

We are involved in welfare-to-work, ie helping people to improve their employability. Our Community Routes into Employment project seconds unemployed volunteers to community organizations. A similar project for enterprises is operated by our associated Community Interest Company Co-operative Admin Solutions.

We specialise in co-operative and mutual structures and governance for social enterprises and for community development needs.

We are a democratic society based upon one member, one vote.

If you support our aims and objectives then please become a member Membership costs just £5 per year.


Our policy is one of transparency regarding our fees, income and expenditure. We are committed to an equitable approach to the distribution of knowledge and empowerment.


Donations and unconditional grants enable us to operate this website, our online support services and also fund our support for areas which are not benefiting from Contractual Grants.

For convenience, Members also have the option of making an automatic £5 per year donation. Find out more about membership

Contractual grants

As a registered charity, Community Empowerment cannot trade it's services; however, we can accept grants on the contracted condition that we perform some kind of task or service. These are called contractural grants.

We may enter into Contractual Grant Agreements with statutory or non-statutory bodies wishing to finance community development in specific areas.

Contractual grants can be ring-fenced and would then only be applied to the specified types of support in specified areas.


Initial analysis of your goals is free

Fees and budgets are agreed at the commencement of projects.

We offer free or low cost support wherever possible and this relies upon income from donations or Contractual Grants.

Main sources of income:
  • Membership
  • Donations
  • Contractual grants
  • Consultancy fees

Fees for Training and co-operative education sessions are available upon request

We also offer a project management service.- xxxlink to relevant enquiry form

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